Thursday, March 18, 2021

Only one more sleep until "Wolf's Beautiful Beast" arrives!

Only one more sleep (as if I will be able to sleep) until the release of "Wolf's Beautiful Beast?" It has been a long four years, but it is finally happening. I want to thank all of you who have been so faithful in your love of my books. This book is truly for you!
 Well, just for you, here is the final sneak peek!

            Placing my finger over my lips, I stepped out from under the shelter, looking up. There was no obvious disturbance. Most of the windows were already broken, and chunks of the masonry had long been degraded by weather and time. However, high in the tower, Arabella’s plush curtains billowed through the window, shards of broken glass glinting in the moonlight.
            I turned to Red. “Stay here. I need you to cut him off should he makes his way past me.”
            “No!” she begged, trembling under her flowing red cape. “I will stay with you. You can’t take him on your own.”
            Placing a hand on her shoulder, I steadied her. “The best way to help me is to keep yourself safe and make sure he doesn’t escape. If he comes through this courtyard, I expect you to take him down.”
            I hugged her, kissing her forehead. “If things do go awry, find the horse and get back to Rapunzel. Get her out of this godsforsaken kingdom.”
            She released a shaky breath, nodding in understanding.
           Without the benefit of a torch, I sneaked through the long halls of the castle. I had spent enough time walking the corridors to know where I was going.
            Running as quietly as possible, I made my way down the long hall that led to the split staircase. As I descended the steps to the landing, I heard the deep growl of the beast, accompanied by furniture being knocked about.
            Reaching Arabella’s room, I found the door wide open. Inside, the once beautiful sanctuary of the princess had been destroyed. The curtains, shredded down one side, flapped in the wind out the broken window. Her shelves of books lay scattered across the ground. Even her bed was mangled; the small white down feathers floated on the cold breeze.

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