Thursday, December 27, 2018

*NEW RELEASE* Queen of His Heart by Suzanna Lynn

Who doesn't love a good dark romance? Maybe a splash of psychosis and a whole lot of sexy?

Queen of His Heart is a stand alone story about an officer (Samantha) who goes undercover to get close to the cities current crime boss (Dominic). But what Samantha doesn't count on is discovering a whole new side to herself.

She struggles to keep up the act all while falling hard for the King himself.

Not to mention, Dominic finds her fascinating on an almost primal level.

It's reminiscent of Harley Quinn and the Joker, as Dominic's lackeys abuse and target Samantha, causing Samantha to see Dominic as her one and only savior; turning her into his handmade killing machine.

It has all the makings of a truly sexy and dysfunctional romance.

Purchase today on eBook or paperback!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Enter to Win!

"King of His Heart" officially releases in the morning! 

You can go ahead and preorder now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, or Kobo.

You can also get this beautiful book in print.

But more on that tomorrow.

To celebrate tomorrows release, I'm giving away a bunch of awesome prizes! You can enter between now and December 31. All winners will be drawn on New Year's Day 2019!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Queen of His Heart - Cover Reveal


PLEASE NOTE: This story contains mature themes and sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers.

When you play your cards, always have a Queen in your hand!

Officer Samantha Daniels has been given a dangerous mission; go undercover to get close to criminal mastermind, Dominic Murphy. However, becoming one of the king pin’s family isn’t as simple as introducing yourself with a basket of muffins.

Samantha must keep it together as she dives into her dark side, all while undergoing a terrible ignition that could take her life. However, torture can turn anyone’s mind to mush, and she discovers a whole new side of herself as she slowly gives into Dominic and his murderous tendencies.

Add a dash of insanity and a touch of Stockholm Syndrome, and you have a romance made of inner demons and blood.

It’s a sexy blood covered romance gone wrong; or maybe right.

Monday, November 26, 2018

A new look for The Bed Wife Chronicles!

May 2019 will mark the 5th anniversary of the release of "The Bed Wife." As such, I felt a much needed 'recover' was in order.

While I absolutely loved the girl on my cover, but felt the cover itself didn't lend to reflecting the genre of the stories.

So, a little cover magic by Funky Book Designs, and voila! The books have a fresh new look and a beautiful new design.

They now give you a visual of the gorgeous Baylin along side his beloved Luana. They let the reader know this is a fantasy historical romance. And they simply scream "pick me up and read me!"

Haven't read it yet? No problem! "The Bed Wife" is now free on all platforms, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, KOBO, and more!

A long year away

I know, I know. It's been a year since I posted. A year!

I have an excuse, I swear. It's a good one too. It's called.... 2018.

Yep, 2018 has been an extremely cruel year to me and my family.

First, there was a shooting threat at my kids' school at the beginning of the year. So I pulled them and began homeschooling them.

Next, my mother had a heart attack and wasn't expected to make it through heart surgery. Thankfully she did. Then she came to live with us. The day before she was supposed to go back to her home, she suffered a pulmonary embolism in my hall way. Somehow she survived. She went back to the hospital, then to a nursing home, and just went home two days before Thanksgiving.

During that, I continued to home school my three kids.

Then came my health.

After an extremely stressful Spring, Summer, and Fall, I went into my doctor to discover that, though I'd lost weight and was trying to eat healthy (I tend to snack during stress), I had developed diabetes. Couple this with my back going out constantly, and my body feels broken.

I have made the decision to put my children back in public school. This is something that causes me a great amount of anxiety, but I feel it is the best I can do for my children in order to give them a proper education.

But there is a silver lining.

After a year of writer's block, I am happy to say that I will be publishing my first book in two years this December!

"Queen of His Heart" is scheduled to release December 27, 2018.

Additionally, I am back writing. So the continuation of "The Untold Stories" is on it's way.

It's great to be back. I've missed you all!