Wednesday, March 17, 2021

ATTENTION Just 2 more days until the release of "Wolf's Beautiful Beast!"

Can it seriously only be two more days until the release of "Wolf's Beautiful Beast?" The excitement is overwhelming!!! Well, just for you, here is today's sneak peek!

            “Out of the way,” hissed the soldier. “This doesn’t concern you.”

            Jumping from the wagon, I called out. “There’s no need for this. Certainly the woman could be let off with a warning.”

            “She’s been warned,” he ground out through clenched teeth. “This old…”

            “Captain!” barked General Drax. “Stand down!”

            The soldier glanced between us and his commanding officer. With a heavy sigh, he mounted his horse and guided it back into line with the wagon.

            The general nodded to Red. “My apologies. My men can get a little overzealous in their duties.”

            “Do their duties include beating on old women?” Red spat, continuing to stand protectively by the woman.

            “Of course not,” Drax insisted, placing a hand to his heart. “A simple misunderstanding, I promise you. Rest assured, I will be addressing it as soon as we reach the castle.”

            I placed a hand on Red’s shoulder. “Let’s go. You have done right by her, now we need to see Rapunzel to the castle. She’ll catch her death in this cold.”

            Reluctantly, Red turned to the old woman. “Please take care of yourself.”

            “Bless you, child,” she replied, taking Red’s hands in her own. They were tanned and wrinkled, showing the years of hard labor and weather.

            Red walked to the wagon. As I turned to follow, the old woman grabbed my arm. The shock of her icy touch against my warm skin felt like a bolt of lightning surging through my body.

            “Danger,” she murmured, her voice but a whisper in the blowing wind. “You must leave before it comes.”

            I furrowed my brow. “What comes?”

            Her cloudy, gray eyes bore into mine. “It comes in the night.”

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