Saturday, December 26, 2015

After Holidays eBook Sale!

The holidays may officially be over, but the presents don't have to be!  Use those gift cards and Christmas cash to buy yourself a gift that continues giving, every time you read it!
Now through December 31st, get all three books in The Bed Wife Chronicles complete series for less than a Venti Peppermint Mocha!

"The Bed Wife," book one in the series, is available for FREE! That's right, no charge whatsoever. Simply one-click that sucker and it's yours! See how Luana and Baylin's love first came to be.
"The Heir," book two, continues the journey of love and freedom for Luana and Baylin. It is available for $2.99.
"The Queen," the last and final book in the series, carries you through the struggles Luana and Baylin face. Will their love survive? For the first time ever, this book will be on Kindle Countdown for $0.99!
The entire series, yours on Amazon Kindle, for less than four dollars! So buy yourself a gift this Christmas; the gift of 550 pages of love, romance and adventure!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Bees please!

Recently, in my little city, we had a very heated debate regarding a citizen wanting to bring hives in to raise bees to help local crops (this is a farming area for those who aren't familiar with Missouri).

Being a child whose grandfather raised bees mere feet from my swing and play area in his back yard, my feelings on the subject were probably strong than others. This is the letter I wrote to my local newspaper.

First, allow me to thank the Webster County Citizen for keep us all informed on the goings on at the city meetings. Though I’m sure we would all like to have our voice heard, many of us have schedules that simply don’t allow us to attend the meetings.
My purpose of writing is to comment on the December 16 article titled “Attorney: Residents Anti-Bee.”

While I commend attorney Swatosh for his valiant effort to defend his client; for him to state “My opinion is the opinion of this community… you’re not going to listen to the people of the city who elected you” is quite false in my own humble opinion.
I have lived in this town for fourteen years and before that live nearby in Fordland. I vote in all the elections and I take an interest in improving this community.

My opinion on the bees is this; we need them.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, bee pollination is responsible for $15 billion in added crop value, particularly for specialty crops such as almonds and other nuts, berries, fruits, and vegetables. About one mouthful in three directly or indirectly benefits from honeybee pollination.
Yet, sadly, honey bee numbers are drastically declining. Some states are already having to implement hand pollination of crops because there simply aren’t enough bees.

While gathering pollen and nectar, bees cross-pollinate flowers and allow or improve the production of seeds and fruit. Economically, honeybees are more valuable as pollinators than as honey producers. In many areas, farmers have been forced to rent more than one million colonies each year to pollinate crops valued at more than $10 billion. Unlike other pollinating insects, bees can be easily moved to agricultural fields where crops need to be pollinated.
Establishing healthy hives in this area would not only positively impact our area crops, but they may become a necessity to large farms all over America where bee habitats have dried up and the bees have moved on.

In addition to the pollination of flowers and crops by bees, they also contribute indirectly through the pollination of clover, shown as a nitrogen regeneration source for the land we farm. According to the National Bee Association, this benefits our meat export industry through livestock production and sale.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, what makes me such an expert on the subject of bees?  Well I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I would tell you that my grandfather raised bees when I was young. He kept three large hives roughly a hundred yards from his backdoor on his little farm.
When this bee situation came up, I asked my grandmother (who is a resident of Seymour, votes in all the elections and is in favor of the bees as well Attorney Swatosh), if she remembers if she or any of us kids were stung because of the bee hives. She said we weren’t. She kept abundant flower beds in the backyard where we played, and while bees did fly from flower to flower, they left us be. That was thousands upon thousands of bees mere feet from where I played on a daily basis, yet we were never stung.

In visiting with the parents while waiting to pick my kids up from school, they stated their main concern is the children. Yes, the property in question is roughly a mile north of the elementary school. It is cut off by a large highway with heavy traffic.
On average, honey bees travel roughly a three mile radius from the hive (doing more would use up too much of their resources because it would require them to eat more). Seeing as, the lands north of the hive would be rich with crops, wildflowers and flowering trees, the bees would naturally be pulled north to the food rich area. This would, in turn, keep them further from the schools and residential areas.

Additionally, only worker bees sting; and only when you are engaging the hive or they feel threatened (like someone taking a fly swatter to it).

So to wrap up this extremely long letter, I just want to say this. Just because the city meetings aren’t full of people doesn’t mean we do not care. And Attorney Swatosh, you may wish to check with more than a few citizen before saying that you speak for all of Seymour’s voters.
To the citizens of Seymour, I simply say this. Inform yourself. Don’t take the word of anyone, even myself for that matter. Do your research and see the pros and cons of something before forming an opinion. It is up to us to see Seymour become a home for our children and grandchildren. Let’s not let it dwindle into nothing.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Win an iPad Mini during the 12 Days of Reviews

It's time to start the party!

Attention all Indie authors! Sell your book and win a review!

Attention all readers! Find great new authors and enter to win an
iPad mini!

Do I have your attention? Good! Continue reading.

One of the biggest issues facing Indie authors today is getting reviews for their self-published books.

Jo Michaels holds an event each year in December to remedy the lack of reviews and to give readers a chance to win great prizes while discovering new authors.

It's a huge pitch fest!

Last year, authors from all over joined in to pitch their books and win sales and reviews. Not just from Jo, but from tons of readers and bloggers attending the event.

At the core of the event is a huge giveaway for an iPad mini! This benefits all readers because they have a great new way to take their books on the go with any e-reader app.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to get in on the pitch fest, head on over to Jo's blog right now and read the rules on this page!

There are daily giveaways of gift cards, e-books, signed books, and tons of other goodies! Be sure and check out the books the authors are pitching, too!

Monday, November 30, 2015

#NaNoWriMo2015 Not winning is still a success

For the last thirty days, I (along with numerous amount of my author friends) took on the task to complete a 50K word novel in 30 days.

Halfway through the month, I was way ahead. My estimated finish date was November 22, I was feeling great.  I started see "NaNoWriMo Winner" badges on my Facebook wall as fellow authors completed the journey.

Then life happened.

I got sick, my kids got sick, housework, the Thanksgiving holiday... you name it. "Hook's Little Mermaid" came to a screeching halt as life took over.

And here I am, the last day of NaNoWriMo2015 and I'm less than 7,500 words from the 50K mark. So close!

But as Dom says in the original The Fast and the Furious. "It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning" and apparently, loosing is loosing... or is it?

It took me a year and a half to write my first three books. A good personal accomplishment to be sure, but not exactly a world record. However, thanks to NaNoWriMo I was able to push out nearly 43,000 words in a month. I have never written anything so fast in my life!

So, by not hitting the 50K mark, does that make me... or anyone a looser? No at all, and here's why:

  • You tried. You made a commitment to give it your best. So what if life got in the way; it happens. Your heart said "I'm going to do it" and you gave it your all.
  • You learned something about yourself. Everyone took a different lesson from NaNoWriMo. Mine? I was able to write more in a month than I was able to do in a year with my second book. Your lesson? Only you know the answer to that.
  • You pushed yourself out of your comfort zone. By making the commitment and signing up to NaNoWriMo, you pushed yourself to succeed and you declared it to all those you know. Sure, making it to the finish line feels great. However, the journey there is the part that is the most important.
Yea, I may be rambling on, and I may sound as though I'm making excuses for not succeeding. But I'm not. If I wanted to, I could jump on my computer and throw out seven thousand more words of jumbled content in order to get the "Winner" badge, but instead, I am going to take a step back, look at my book, and keep on trucking during December.

So for those of you who are beating yourselves up about not completing NaNoWriMo, remember these quotes I came across: (sorry, I couldn't find the sources... feel free to comment if you know the sources)

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."
"Sometimes we need to loose the small battles in order to win the war."
"We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time."

And remember, NaNoWriMo is not a list of winner's and losers. It's a community meant to encourage and motivate. Let it be that for you.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

#NaNoWriMo2015 and me

I'll admit it. I've been a bit MIA so far in November.

I mean, the first I had the release of "The Queen" but after that I just went dead in the water right? Well, not really. Because I have actually be tucked away in the writing cave every single day working on my newest work, "Hook's Little Mermaid" during #NaNoWriMo.

This is the first year I have ever participated in NaNo because I'm still very new to writing. Last year was an emotion rollercoaster for my family, so I didn't even dare think about trying it then. But this year I felt I was more prepared.

I had been mentally working on my fairytale retelling series "The Untold Stories" since the beginning of the year; jotting down little notes whenever something would come to mind. After #Utopia2015, I figured out that "Hook's Little Mermaid" would be the first book in the series.

At the beginning of October, I committed myself to taking the #NaNoWriMo2015 challenge. So I grabbed my notebook (I love keeping my notes on paper instead of some kind of spreadsheet) and started plotting out the storyline. Sure, there were holes that would need to be filled along the way, but for the most part, but November 1st I was ready to start writing.

I decided I would push myself to do 2,000 words a day in order to get done before the 30th (or in case one of my kids or myself got sick and I needed to take a day off).

Today, November 14, I just passed the 30,000 word mark!

Do I feel that the story will be finished by November 30? No, not really. I mean, I plan to have my 50K word count but then there is the long and wonderful process of printing it off (again, I like paper and pen) and going over it about ten times with my red pen.

But I have committed to having this book completely done by Spring. I have already booked my wonderful editor (who I don't think I could possibly publish a book without her being part of it) for March 1, which means that I have to have this book editor ready by then.

What does that mean for you, the reader? 

It means that you can plan on enjoying an amazing new adventure featuring the notoriously sexy Captain Hook and a beautiful little mermaid named Elynna, in the near future.

Until then... it's time to slip back in the writing cave.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

"The Queen" Release Day Sale!

As part of the Release Day Blitz taking place today, I have put up a sale!

Get book one, The Bed Wife, for FREE today only!

Get book two, The Heir, on sale for only 99 pennies!

Get book three, The Queen, today for only $2.99!

That's right, get the entire series for less than $4.00 today only!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

True love... even in death...

Some people are skeptics. They try to argue that True Love is just a myth... something out of books about Princes and damsel Princesses trapped in towers.  However, true proof of the existence of True Love can be measured in not just the lives of some couples, but in their deaths.

Back in June 2014, our family had to say good-bye to our dear "Papa Bear" Smith. It was a hard thing for us all to say farewell to a man who would give the shirt off his back to help a stranger. But we had a new mission, caring for Grandma Smith.

Grandma had a lot to live for. Four amazing grandchildren, three son's who adored her, sisters and brother, cousins and friends. She was an active part of the community, helping those who could not help themselves and volunteering with the Auxiliary to help our American Veterans. She kept herself busy.

But no matter how much love she had for everyone, it could not fill that gaping hole that was left by loosing her beloved husband. 

Just a little over a year after loosing him, she began to fail in her health.  She put on a brave face for her kids and grandkids. Mentally, she was strong and sharp as a tack. But her body... her heart was broken.

At 6:40pm last night, surrounded by her loved ones, Grandma Smith ran into the arms of Papa Smith... he'd been waiting for her. They entered Heaven together, hand in hand, with smiles on their faces. They hearts, once separated by loss, were filled and whole again.

We who are left behind have a choice. We can allow the loss and pain to tear us apart. Or we can relish in the joy of knowing that two people loved each other so much, they could not live long without one another.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Queen - Cover Reveal

      Tensions are high. While King Ashmur lies on his deathbed, the evil Lord Cadman coerces Mirstone into declaring war on Grasmere—and they’re not alone in their malevolent intentions. An evil lurks in the land that threatens to destroy anything in its wake.
      While Baylin readies the Kingdom, Luana discovers a secret about her past that makes her question everything she thought she knew about herself.
      All Luana and Baylin wish for is to be safe and happy together. However, constant struggles make it seem as though contentment is impossible. Trials and tribulations strain the delicate core of their relationship.
      Will war finally succeed in tearing the lovers apart? Will Luana and Baylin’s bond be able to withstand the hidden secrets, betrayal and warfare?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

So this just happened...

My biggest challenge as a writer has always been finishing a story.  Perhaps it is my love of the characters or wanting to continue to live in the world I have painted for them, I'm not sure. But it has always been my biggest challenge.

Becoming a published author was both exhilarating and absolutely terrifying at the same time because I knew, at some point, I was going to have to face the challenge of saying goodbye to my characters.

Last night, after months of sleepless nights and a ton of antacids while working on "The Queen" (which happens to be the last book in my Bed Wife Chronicles series), I typed the words every author must eventually utter.... The End.

And it felt amazing.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The ABC's of Author Suzanna Lynn!

Someone sent this little questionnaire to me so I thought it would be fun to fill it out to give all my fans a peek into what it is to be me :)

A-Age: --34 (or like I prefer to say, the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday)
B- Biggest Fear: --The safety ofmy 3 children (and spiders... and geese)
C- Current Job: --Author!...
D- Drink you last had: --Pumpkin Spice coffee with sweet cream creamer
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: --My sister
F- Favorite Song: --Honestly... there are too many to choose
G- Ghosts, are they real: --absolutely!
H- How many kids do you want: -- the three I have.... plus maybe one more!
I- In love with: -- my husband!
J- Jealous Of: -- lottery winners
K- Killed Someone? -- um... no... who would admitt to that??
L- Last time you cried?: -- cant remember... Im sure it was a sad movie though
M- Missing someone: -- My father-in-law who passed away last year
N- Number of Siblings: -- 2... one passed away when she was a baby
O- One Wish: -- To live comfortably without worrying about affording college for three kids
P- Person who you last called: -- my friend Nick who I just found last night after searching 16 years!!!
Q- Question you're always asked: -- Is it hard being an author and mother?
R- Reason to smile: -- The sun is shining!
S- Song last sang: -- Titanium
T- Time you woke up: -- 6:50am
U- Underwear Color: -- pink
V- Vacation Destination: -- Anywhere with a beach
W- Worst Habit: -- nail biter... I know, I should stop, but it's not like I haven't tried!
X- X-Rays you've had: -- I have a back injury so numerous xrays and MRIs
Y- Your favorite food: -- spinach artichoke dip
Z- Zodiac Sign: -- leo

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Suzanna Lynn’s #Utopia2016 Resolutions!

I was recently interview by blogger Maria Pease on my Utopia 2015 experience as well as my plans between now and Utopia 2016!

Go to her blog to check out the full interview!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Free on Amazon to celebrate my birthday!

This weekend marks the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday (you do the math).

To celebrate, I want to give you a birthday gift!

This weekend (Friday through Sunday), "The Bed Wife" and "The Heir" will be on sale!

The Bed Wife: A Novella (The Bed Wife Chronicles Book One) will be free on Kindle!

The Heir: A Novel (The Bed Wife Chronicles Book Two) will be on Kindle Countdown. That means Friday at 1am, The Heir will go to $0.99 for the first time since it was published!  Then, Saturday at 1pm it will switch to $1.99 until it ends on Monday at 1am and returns back to $2.99.

So grab them while their hot and deeply discounted!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Win a super prize pack!

I decided I wanted to reward my loyal readers by offering them a special prize pack!  This giveaway is open to all those who have read and reviewed my books.

Prize Pack Includes:

A signed paperback of "The Bed Wife", a signed paperback of "The Heir", two signed bookmarks, an exclusive temp tattoo and a $5 Amazon e-Gift Card.

 Here's how it works.

Go to my Author Suzanna Lynn Facebook page and check out the post pinned to he top that talks about the giveaway (this is where you will enter to win). Then, do as follows:

~1~ Read "The Bed Wife" and/or "The Heir" (links below)
~2~ Give it/them your HONEST review(s) on Amazon
~3~ Post a link to your Amazon review(s) in the comments of the Facebook post (if you have reviewed both, that counts as two entries - post in two separate comments)
~4~ Like this post on my Facebook page.
~5~ Be a fan of Author Suzanna Lynn

~6~ Share this post on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to increase the fun!

The Bed Wife (on Amazon)

The Heir (on Amazon)
 *Disclaimer/Legal Stuff*

 Facebook is in no way responsible for the giveaway/contest.
 Winner will be picked at random.
 Open to all followers, worldwide.
 Only asking for honest reviews, no matter what the star rating.
 Contest ends August 9, 2015 at 12pm CT.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Sneak Peak Excerpt of "The Queen"


As a special treat for all my loyal fans, I decided to give an (unedited) sneak peak inside the big battle scene at the end of "The Queen!"

I am reaching the end of this journey for "The Bed Wife Chronicles" and want to thank everyone for their support. I hope this little excerpt wets your appetite for more!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

While at #utopYA2015, I held a five book giveaway for one lucky Utopian! Numerous of excited attendees entered to win this amazing book prize pack.

The prize pack includes the following titles:
A signed copy of Whispers and Wishes by Hollie Westring
Indie Author Survival Guide by Susan Kaye Quinn
A signed copy of Everlasting by Kassidy Carter
A signed copy of The Bed Wife (by yours truly)
A signed copy of The Heir (again, by yours truly)
A very LIMITED EDITION custom wood keychain that features "The Bed Wife Chronicles" logo!

The drawing was held from Thursday morning to Friday evening.  Janet, our beloved UtopYA head, did the honors of drawing the winner from the vase full of names.

And who was the lucky winner??????

Amber B. who was in attendance at UtopYA 2015!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My journey to #utopYA2015

I have officially returned from UtopYA feeling recharged and excited to run back into the writing cave!

However, my journey to UtopYA didn't start merely a week ago as I set off to Nashville, it started back in early 2014 when I published my very first book The Bed Wife.

After some urging from my wonderful editor and good friend, I decided to make the trip to UtopYA 2014 last June.

However, those plans came to a screeching halt when my father-in-law became suddenly ill.  Within a week (the very weekend of UtopYA) the man I had known as a father was taken from this world.

My daughter's actual xray of her broken collar bone "OUCH!"
In the months that followed, I spent my time consoling my three sweet children.

Additionally, we moved my mother-in-law and her two very large dogs into our house that was already full to bursting. 

Additionally, my stress levels continued to incline when a dog got under our house and completely destroyed our ac/heating duct work, my eldest daughter broke her collarbone, my youngest daughter ended up sick nearly ever other week after entering Kindergarten (I swear, little kids never wash their hands enough), and to top off my sucky 2014, my husband had a car accident that totaled our car and I ended up having to have my gallbladder out. This was all in just a matter of six months time.

To say I was uninspired to write was the understatement of the year.

Over Christmas, my dear friend Nancy came to stay with me for a few weeks. She sat with me night after night, bouncing ideas and brainstorming about my books.  On New Year's Eve, while we waited for the ball to drop, Nancy (who had been to UtopYA2014) insisted that I go in 2015 and represent myself as an author. 

I found myself inspired by my friend's love and devotion.  I pushed myself back into my writing cave and finished my second book, The Heir.

June 1st came and I was all set and ready to go. I had my table spot, I had my ticket, I had my hotel reservations, I had my hubby's vacation time put in and I even had a babysitter willing to spend a whole week with my crazy 'summer vacation loving' kiddos.

On Monday, June 15, the day before my husband and I planned to load up the mini van and head to Nashville, another set of road blocks showed themselves.

As I packed my bags for the trip, I heard an earthshattering sound that sounded as though a jet was crashing into my house.  What it was, though, was my mother-in-law's foot slipping off the break and hitting the gas as she pulled into my driveway.  She plowed through our two car garage door and through the garage that was set up with tables full of items that we planned to have for a garage sale the following month.  Hundred's of dollars worth of damage in the blink of an eye, and less than 24 hours before my trip.
Crumpled garage door anyone?
However, I was determined to not let the negativity control my life anymore.

I ran to my mother-in-law, made sure she was okay, then got her into the house.  My son came to me and said "momma, today is a bad day huh?"  I smiled at him and said, "You know what honey, momma had been in the garage two minutes ago.  Momma's not hurt, grandma's not hurt, only the garage is hurt. Today is a very good day."

I continued on packing my bags and preparing for the trip while my husband and brother-in-law made temporary repairs to my very damaged garage door.

Late that night, I tucked my little one's in bed and finished up some last minute things before leaving for our trip the following morning.

It was almost midnight when I decided to get online to check my credit card statement, making sure my payment had gone through, clearing the card for the trip.  To my surprise, I found that there was a big notice on the page when I signed in "The card has been restricted. Please contact customer support immediately."

"Oh great, now what?" I asked myself.

So I called the credit card company and they referred me to the fraud department.

"Hello, I just wanted to verify some charges with you," said the representative. "Could you please confirm that you used your credit card to purchase $147 worth of products from Billy Bob's Cattle Feed Store?"

"Um... no... I haven't used my card in a week except to make a payment."

"Oh, okay.  Well could you confirm that you tried to purchase $687 at Aunt Nelly's Horse Tack online?"

"Again, no.  I have not used my card at all.  How is this possible?"

So, summing it up, my credit had been very stolen and, apparently, by farmers!  There were numerous charges on the account that had, thankfully, all been denied because they were suspicious.  However, the problem was, I was planning on using this card to fund my trip because I do not like using debit (for this exact reason) and carrying hundreds of dollars in cash is just not something you do for a trip.

The credit card company stated that they would expedite a temporary card to the hotel in order for me to use but it may not arrive until Thursday.

After hanging up with the credit card company I let the stress and sorrow take me.  Tears began rolling out of my eye faster than I could wipe them away.  My husband came to my side and held me while I sobbed things like "What's the point of going? No one will want my book anyway?" and "Maybe I'm not supposed to go on this trip."

However, after many "Honey, your books are great" and "You are going on this trip" from my hubby, he tucked me into bed, wiped away more of my tears and I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke with a little more clarity. "I am not going to let this stop me. I am going to Utopya!"

I called the hotel group coordinator who was beyond sweet and understanding.  She assured me all would be okay as long as the card arrived by checkout date.

So we packed up the minivan, kissed the kids goodbye and drove to Nashville.

Once we arrived I quickly saw what all those 'bad forces' were trying to keep me from - love, friendship, inspiration and joy.

My first official photo bomb (with many more to come!)
I sat up my table and sold over half the books I had brought with me (I was thinking I would be lucky to sell one since I was such a newbie). But that wasn't even remotely the best part.  I learned so much from the other authors while I attended the informative panels.  Suddenly, I went from terrified to ask questions, to feeling like I was talking with old friends! 

By the last night, I sat at a table before the awards joking and laughing with everyone around.  "These are my people" I told myself, "They really care about me!" Being a child who was bullied most of her life, this was definitely a new concept for me.

By Sunday morning I greeted everyone with smiles and misty eyes as I was forced to say goodbye.  However, sticking with my positive outlook, I decided to simply say "see you soon!"

Monday, June 15, 2015

#utopYA2015 #Giveaway happening this week!

If you are planning on attending #utopYA2015, you're in luck!  I am planning a giveaway at my table for everyone who stops by and signs up for my reader's list!  Additional entries can be gained by purchasing books, but not purchase is necessary to take part in this fabulous giveaway!

What is up for grabs?

I had some wonderful donations by some of my absolute favorite authors!

The prize pack includes the following titles:

A signed copy of Whispers and Wishes by Hollie Westring
Indie Author Survival Guid by Susan Kaye Quinn
A signed copy of Everlasting by Kassidy Carter
A signed copy of "The Bed Wife" (by yours truly)
A signed copy of "The Heir" (again, by yours truly).
A very LIMITED EDITION custom wood keychain that features "The Bed Wife Chronicles" logo!

If you are at UtopYa and can't find me, post on my Facebook or Twitter pages and I will give you a shout out!

#utopYA2015 here we come!

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go, I'm standing here outside your door, I hate to wake you up to say good-bye...."

It's that time!!!  Time to get the minivan packed up and head to Nashville, Tennessee to my first ever UtopYa Con! 

What is UtopYA Con you ask?  Well, if you want the beautifully summed up version (courtesy of the UtopYA Con website):

An uplifting, collaborative and educational conference for those who love supernatural and contemporary young adult and new adult fiction!
Panels filled with writers and experts in the publishing and entertainment industries will share with established and aspiring authors and screenwriters their tips to improve craft and advance careers, as well as FUN panels for fans where then can directly influence and interact with their favorite writers!

My description?
A chance to get together with some absolutely amazing authors and have the time of my life!

Keep posted here and on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, for pictures, contest and loads of goodies about #utopYA2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Author Suzanna Lynn gets a new look!

In the spirit of wanting to create a logo for myself, I ended up creating a whole new look!

I took the first two chapters of my first book, The Bed Wife, and created a unique look that will be eye catching at all the author signing shows and shows off a flirty, romantic side!

So be sure to swing by and say hello if you are ever out at a book conference or convention and see my sign!  I love meeting my fans, and making new friends!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"The Bed Wife" Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Bed Wife by Suzanna Lynn

The Bed Wife

by Suzanna Lynn

Giveaway ends May 24, 2015.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to Win

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

*NEW RELEASE* The Heir by Suzanna Lynn

The Bed Wife Chronicles: Love brought them together. Would tradition tear them apart?

When Baylin and Luana find out she is with child, they are certain the worst is behind them. As Luana and Baylin’s relationship grows stronger every day,
the entire Kingdom of Grasmere celebrates the prospect of an heir to the throne. However, the arrival of the royal family from Mirstone not only brings the chance of another deadly troll war, but also the prospect of an arranged marriage of the Kingdoms.

In the midst of it all, Baylin is forced to choose between his love for Luana and his fealty to his father and the Kingdom – knowing that his decision could potentially set the Keld Kingdoms against each other during a savage war.

Will Luana and Baylin be able to overcome the demands of the Kingdom and find happiness? Or will they be forced apart by duty, bloodshed and strife?

Purchase today on Amazon!

What blogs are saying about "The Heir"

"Once again Suzanna Lynn crafted an amazing story that just sucked you in. Once I started the Heir I could not put it down.... The romance was amazing. That acting was awesome. The fantasy in it was wonderful. It made you want to keep reading. Read the first book The Bed Wife if you haven’t, then go pick up the Heir. You won’t be disappointed."  Til' The Last Page Book Blog

"The Heir takes the action that began in the Bed Wife and takes it to the next level...You are going to want to keep an eye on Suzanne Lynn. She might be a new writer but she will blow your mind with her descriptions and her action packed chapters. Oh and girls, you won't find any man more swoon worthy than Baylin!" ~ Indie Booknerd Writes

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Exciting swag!


Well... not really... lets call it temporary tattoo Tuesday ;)

As many of you know, I will be attending UtopYa 2015 and have a table set up on Thursday and Friday to offer signed copies of my books.

In addition to that, I will have bookmarks to giveaway as well as these A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. temp tattoos!

Now, keep in mind, supplies WILL be limited and it will be first come first serve. However, there IS a way to secure your very own!

If you plan to attend UtopYa and will want to have some books signed by me, simply fill out my form below and I will slip a bookmark AND temp tattoo in there for you ;)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"The Heir" is off to the formatter!

"The Heir" has been written, edited more times than I can count, and is now off to the formatter!  This means, come April 12th, "The Heir: A Novel (The Bed Wife Chronicles #2) will be available for preorder on Kindle!

Be sure to watch my facebook page and twitter feed (as well as this blog) for upcoming information on the release!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Facebook Giveaway!

1,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway!

Two friends will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card AND a signed paperback copy of "The Bed Wife."...

To enter:

1) Be sure you are a fan of Author Suzanna Lynn.

2) Like the giveaway post pinned to the top of my Facebook page.

3) In the comments, tag a friend (one friend per comment) who might enjoy being part of this giveaway.

Each 'comment' will be recorded as an entry. If you are drawn, both you and your tagged friend win!


A tip, your friend can also enter and tag you... that's double the entry. Tag as many friends as you like, but please, only one tag per comment line.

The winners will be drawn Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 8pm CT.

*NOTE* Facebook is not responsible for this giveaway *NOTE*

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Heir by Author Suzanna Lynn - Cover Reveal

The Bed Wife Chronicles: Love brought them together. Would tradition tear them apart?

When Baylin and Luana find out she is with child,
they are certain the worst is behind them. As Luana
and Baylin’s relationship grows stronger every day,
the entire Kingdom of Grasmere celebrates the
prospect of an heir to the throne. However, the
arrival of the royal family from Mirstone not only
brings the chance of another deadly troll
war, but also the prospect of an arranged marriage
of the Kingdoms.

In the midst of it all, Baylin is forced to choose
between his love for Luana and his fealty to his
father and the Kingdom – knowing that his decision
could potentially set the Keld Kingdoms against
each other during a savage war.

Will Luana and Baylin be able to overcome the
demands of the Kingdom and find happiness? Or will
they be forced apart by duty, bloodshed and strife?
April 22, 2015
Add it to your Goodreads 'to read' list now!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patty's Day from Author Suzanna Lynn

Be sure to wear your green so you don't get pinched.... though... if it were Theo James doing the pinching I'm sure there are many out there that wouldn't mind ;)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Bed Wife: A Novella by Suzanna Lynn - movie teaser trailer

In preparation for "The Heir" to be released next month, I decided I needed to get things together and create a teaser trailer for both the books in the series.

Now, "The Heir" teaser trailer will release a little later this month during all the promotions that will take place for the book release.

So, for now, here is the trailer for book one in The Bed Wife Chronicles.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

☆♡☆ Signed Paperback Giveaway Contest ☆♡☆

☆♡☆ Giveaway Contest ☆♡☆

So it has been snowing off and on for weeks now. And now, just as it all had started to melt, it started snowing again!

Contest details: Guess how deep my snow is (be sure to give a detailed account eg: 1/8"). I will show a picture of the final snowfall total when the contest closes on Monday, March 2 at 10am CT.

How to enter: Head over to my Facebook page and LIKE the post pinned to the top of the page and be sure to PREDICT MY SNOW FALL TOTALS! Also feel free to share the post!

Prizes: A signed paperback copy of "The Bed Wife" and a matching signed boomark!

Disclaimer: Winner will be picked from those who comment with their snowfall predictions at random. Sharing does not increase your chances, but it is always more fun when friends play! Facebook is not responsible for this giveaway.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Forming a Street Team

In search of devoted fans who would like the exclusive rights to read my works before anyone else!  Requirements also include honest reviews, accepting free swag without saying 'No, that's okay. I wouldn't want you to waste money on me', helping to promote my books by sharing cover reveals, teaser reveals and release day links, and being willing to accept free stuff like Amazon gift cards when I decide to hold Street Team giveaways!

If this sounds like something you can handle, head over and fill out my Street Team Application Form.

Friday, February 13, 2015

FREE BOOK Valentine's Promotion

Snuggle up with a steamy romance this Valentine's Weekend, and get it for FREE!  That's right, I said free. As in, spend your money on another box of chocolates because this book is free my friend!

So head over to Amazon and get The Bed Wife: A Novella (The Bed Wife Chronicles Book 1) while it's free!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Bed Wife reached #6 in Amazon's Medieval Historical Romance

So... yea... this happened this weekend!

I can't pretend that I'm not excited that my book would reach the top charts in any category on Amazon. It's a pretty nice feeling if I do say so myself.

As of this evening, it had reached #6 in Medieval Historical Romance, #31 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance, #60 in Historical Romance and  #1,189 in the whole Amazon Kindle Store!  Those are some pretty great milestones!

So here's to making the list; several times over!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Do all dogs go to Heaven?

Many of us remember that old cartoon called "All Dogs go to Heaven" and as a Christian, there has always been that controversy of whether animals are granted passage through those pearly gates.

My grandmother, an old school, stuck in her ways, Christian lady, would tell you that animals have no soul, Heaven is only for people.

However, I disagree.

We are promised an eternal life of joy and happiness, surrounded by our loved ones. God has given us the companionship of animals for a reason; to enrich our lives and to feel loved. 

My reason for this thought process today is because our family had to say goodbye to our dear St. Bernard, Netty (short for Marie Antoinette).

I had never been a dog person before I met my husband. Growing up, my mother refused to have dogs so that sort of rubbed off on me.  However, when Santa brought us a fluffy St. Bernard puppy for Christmas one year, I was instantly in love.

She grew quickly; much more quickly than my children.  She became a babysitter and companion for my children and filled out lives with joy.  She loved and defended her family and thoroughly enriched out lives.

How can a creature with such love, loyalty and true personality NOT have a soul?  I believe she does/did have a soul, and a much more pure one than many people I have encountered in my life.

So, to wrap up this rather chaotic post (sorry, I have been crying off and on all day), I would like to say "See you in Heaven someday Netty girl.  Keep Papa Smith company for us."

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Reflecting on 2014/looking to 2015

As 2014 has come to a close, and 2015 is already in full swing, I have decided to start making video journal entries for my fans.

Without my fans, I would be nothing at all, so I want them to know me and feel they have a voice and a connection to me and my books.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Re-Release of 'The Bed Wife' book with new cover

As a new start to 2015, I decided a redesign of The Bed Wife book cover was in order, so that it reflected the 'period piece' storyline of the book.  It's not that I didn't love the first cover, I just felt a change was in order.

So without further ado, let me show you the new cover!

2015: I resolve to join the land of the living...

Yes, that is my daughter's broken collarbone!
The second half of 2014 was a very hard season to say the least.

Within a six month period we underwent the following:

~ My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly (and in-law was just the legal term, he was like a second father to me);

~ We moved my mother-in-law in with us for three months (two hens in the same kitchen does not make for cohesive living);

~ The refinance on our house fell through because it was happening at the same time my father-in-law passed away (you'd think a death in the family would give you wiggle room on deadlines);

~ We moved my mother-in-law into a new home;

~ My eldest daughter broke her collar bone (yay medical bills);

~ My youngest daughter started Kindergarten (which means all three kids in school... not good for mommy's emotional stability);

~ I ended up having to shut down my bridal shop due to a back injury;

~ My eldest daughter broke her glasses (apparently that child needs to be covered in bubble wrap);

~ My husband had a bad car accident involving a very large deer and practically totaled the car;

~ I ended up having to have surgery right before Christmas (yay, many more medical bills).

Yea.... that all happened in six months time!  So needless to say, I wasn't in a writing sort of mood and missed my deadline of getting book two out by August 2014.

However, it is 2015 and I have kicked it off by writing the heck out of 'The Heir' which is due out in just a couple of months.

I just wanted to let you all know that I am back with the land of the living and plan to get both 'The Heir' and 'The Queen' out in 2015.  I also have some other stories I'm piddling with, but I will know more about those as the year progresses.

So here is to a great year with many more possibilities and no mistakes in it (yet) ;)