Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hook's Little Mermaid nominated for award!

Okay, I admit it, I've been a little MIA for a while.

In my defense I am a mother of three who runs the household, plus shares Funky Book Designs book cover design business with her husband and, of course, is an author.

I have been working like crazy to finish up "Red's Tangled Tale" which is the follow-up to "Hook's Little Mermaid" that everyone loved so much.

Loved so much? Well they certainly loved it enough to nominate it for Best Cover of the Year at the upcoming Penned Con book conference!

This is a doubly sweet nomination for me, since I'm both the author and the cover designer.

Sure, I'm going up against so amazing authors and designers. Heck, my own daughter (a huge Stacey Rourke fan) asked me if I would be hurt if she voted for Stacey's book instead of mine. Little traitor! lol... no seriously, she's a traitor. :P

Sure, we all say "It's an honor to be nominated" and it truly is.  Heck, I have a 20% chance at winning (a lot better odds than the lottery for one).  But it would be so great to win, having both written and designed the book that is nominated! :)

That being said, if you feel so inclined, be sure to pop over and vote!  You have to vote in all the categories for it to count, but there are only 9 I believe so it wouldn't take too long.