Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Bed Wife Chronicles is on Audible!

Over five years ago, The Bed Wife came to me in a dream. Three days later, the first book was written.

A lot has happened in those five years. I've published a total of nine books; lost both my in-laws, an aunt, and my mother; gone through bankruptcy; dyed my hair multiple colors; and somehow managed to raise three children and stay happily married. I can only imagine with excitement (and some anxiousness) what the next five years will bring.

The Bed Wife Chronicles has always been my baby. It was my first story I had written, but I loved it because for the first time I felt like I was making a difference to others. I never imagined how many people would respond so positively to it, and dare I say, would become "Suzanna Lynn Fans!"

So, in celebration of this five year anniversary, I teamed up with the absolutely amazing David Maxwell. Thanks to his amazing voice acting abilities, we have brought "The Bed Wife Chronicles" to life on Audible!  That's right, you can now listen to the story that started it all! No, this is not simply a guy reading a story to you. He is bringing the story to life through his awe-inspiring voice!

So, be sure to head over to Audible or Amazon, and grab your copies today!

Also, in celebration of the release, we are doing a giveaway! You could win one of MANY prizes available by entering in the Rafflecopter giveaway below!

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