Friday, March 12, 2021

7 Days until Wolf's Beautiful Beast Releases!

Only seven days until the release of "Wolf's Beautiful Beast!" Here is today's sneak peek!

Water began to seep from under the door. I looked out in the hall and saw a steady stream of water coming up from the stern of the ship.
            “Time to go,” I instructed, crossing the small cabin and scooping up Rapunzel in my arms.
            “We can’t just jump off the ship,” Red hissed, picking up her satchel and bow. “We’ll drown under the weight of the waves.”
            “Not if I shift,” I countered. “As a wolf, I can carry you both to safety.”
            “No!” Red barked. “She’s already so weak. And you don’t even know if you can force it.”
            “I did it once,” I argued.
            “By accident!”
            “Stop arguing,” Rapunzel pleaded.
            “Look, we will all be dead in ten minutes if I don’t try,” I countered. “Honestly, Red, must you always be so pigheaded?”
            Her expression changed to that of a scolded child, and I regretted my tone. I decided I would apologize if we survived. At that moment, I needed her to listen to me.
            We raced up the stairs to the upper deck. There were far fewer men than before. I wasn’t sure if it was because they had retreated below deck or they had been swept out to sea. I carried Rapunzel behind a pile of secured crates and sat her down.
            “Will it work?” Red shouted against the wind, shielding Rapunzel from the onslaught of rain.
            “Only one way to find out,” I said. 

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