Friday, January 23, 2015

Do all dogs go to Heaven?

Many of us remember that old cartoon called "All Dogs go to Heaven" and as a Christian, there has always been that controversy of whether animals are granted passage through those pearly gates.

My grandmother, an old school, stuck in her ways, Christian lady, would tell you that animals have no soul, Heaven is only for people.

However, I disagree.

We are promised an eternal life of joy and happiness, surrounded by our loved ones. God has given us the companionship of animals for a reason; to enrich our lives and to feel loved. 

My reason for this thought process today is because our family had to say goodbye to our dear St. Bernard, Netty (short for Marie Antoinette).

I had never been a dog person before I met my husband. Growing up, my mother refused to have dogs so that sort of rubbed off on me.  However, when Santa brought us a fluffy St. Bernard puppy for Christmas one year, I was instantly in love.

She grew quickly; much more quickly than my children.  She became a babysitter and companion for my children and filled out lives with joy.  She loved and defended her family and thoroughly enriched out lives.

How can a creature with such love, loyalty and true personality NOT have a soul?  I believe she does/did have a soul, and a much more pure one than many people I have encountered in my life.

So, to wrap up this rather chaotic post (sorry, I have been crying off and on all day), I would like to say "See you in Heaven someday Netty girl.  Keep Papa Smith company for us."

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  1. What a beautiful post and a way to remember Netty. She knows you miss her but now she needs to take care of Papa Smith. I am glad i got to see you at Christmas!