Sunday, March 1, 2015

☆♡☆ Signed Paperback Giveaway Contest ☆♡☆

☆♡☆ Giveaway Contest ☆♡☆

So it has been snowing off and on for weeks now. And now, just as it all had started to melt, it started snowing again!

Contest details: Guess how deep my snow is (be sure to give a detailed account eg: 1/8"). I will show a picture of the final snowfall total when the contest closes on Monday, March 2 at 10am CT.

How to enter: Head over to my Facebook page and LIKE the post pinned to the top of the page and be sure to PREDICT MY SNOW FALL TOTALS! Also feel free to share the post!

Prizes: A signed paperback copy of "The Bed Wife" and a matching signed boomark!

Disclaimer: Winner will be picked from those who comment with their snowfall predictions at random. Sharing does not increase your chances, but it is always more fun when friends play! Facebook is not responsible for this giveaway.

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