Wednesday, April 22, 2015

*NEW RELEASE* The Heir by Suzanna Lynn

The Bed Wife Chronicles: Love brought them together. Would tradition tear them apart?

When Baylin and Luana find out she is with child, they are certain the worst is behind them. As Luana and Baylin’s relationship grows stronger every day,
the entire Kingdom of Grasmere celebrates the prospect of an heir to the throne. However, the arrival of the royal family from Mirstone not only brings the chance of another deadly troll war, but also the prospect of an arranged marriage of the Kingdoms.

In the midst of it all, Baylin is forced to choose between his love for Luana and his fealty to his father and the Kingdom – knowing that his decision could potentially set the Keld Kingdoms against each other during a savage war.

Will Luana and Baylin be able to overcome the demands of the Kingdom and find happiness? Or will they be forced apart by duty, bloodshed and strife?

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What blogs are saying about "The Heir"

"Once again Suzanna Lynn crafted an amazing story that just sucked you in. Once I started the Heir I could not put it down.... The romance was amazing. That acting was awesome. The fantasy in it was wonderful. It made you want to keep reading. Read the first book The Bed Wife if you haven’t, then go pick up the Heir. You won’t be disappointed."  Til' The Last Page Book Blog

"The Heir takes the action that began in the Bed Wife and takes it to the next level...You are going to want to keep an eye on Suzanne Lynn. She might be a new writer but she will blow your mind with her descriptions and her action packed chapters. Oh and girls, you won't find any man more swoon worthy than Baylin!" ~ Indie Booknerd Writes

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