Thursday, October 8, 2015

True love... even in death...

Some people are skeptics. They try to argue that True Love is just a myth... something out of books about Princes and damsel Princesses trapped in towers.  However, true proof of the existence of True Love can be measured in not just the lives of some couples, but in their deaths.

Back in June 2014, our family had to say good-bye to our dear "Papa Bear" Smith. It was a hard thing for us all to say farewell to a man who would give the shirt off his back to help a stranger. But we had a new mission, caring for Grandma Smith.

Grandma had a lot to live for. Four amazing grandchildren, three son's who adored her, sisters and brother, cousins and friends. She was an active part of the community, helping those who could not help themselves and volunteering with the Auxiliary to help our American Veterans. She kept herself busy.

But no matter how much love she had for everyone, it could not fill that gaping hole that was left by loosing her beloved husband. 

Just a little over a year after loosing him, she began to fail in her health.  She put on a brave face for her kids and grandkids. Mentally, she was strong and sharp as a tack. But her body... her heart was broken.

At 6:40pm last night, surrounded by her loved ones, Grandma Smith ran into the arms of Papa Smith... he'd been waiting for her. They entered Heaven together, hand in hand, with smiles on their faces. They hearts, once separated by loss, were filled and whole again.

We who are left behind have a choice. We can allow the loss and pain to tear us apart. Or we can relish in the joy of knowing that two people loved each other so much, they could not live long without one another.