Saturday, March 8, 2014

Writing all day and night

Yesterday I decided to really sink in and get back to work on book two in The Bed Wife Chronicles. 

My goal is to have it almost ready to go when book one is ready to publish.  I'm a little picky and like to have my ducks in a very detailed, lined up, not a webbed foot out a place, row.  Plus, to me, it makes sense to be able to put a little exert from book two in the back of book one and then say "Coming (insert date here), (insert title here) book two in The Bed Wife Chronicles."

So after a lot of getting stuck and unstuck (kind of like getting the car out of the wet, soaked mud and ice that is outside right now), I managed to crank out 5,500 words for book two.

My word count is just under 17,000 words and I still have much more in store!

So, back to work for me!

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