Saturday, March 1, 2014

Editing, editing and more editing

Let's face it, editing is probably harder than actually writing the book. That's why you hire an editor!

After sending my first few pages to my editor (I have an editor!!!!), she sent back some helpful suggestions and put me to the task of doing the first edits.

I am a strong believer in pen and paper. I miss the days when people actually wrote each other letters and I have a small addiction to paper pads in general. So I printed off book one of The Bed Wife, pulled out my trusty read ink pen and got to work.

After spending the day in a sea of red ink, I transferred those edits to the Word document.  Twelve hours later, I have finally finished the first edits!

I just sent off the story to my first Beta Reader, Tara!  I'm so very nervous and excited at the same time. No one, outside of family, has read this story.

So while I wait to hear back from Tara, I thought I would share my thoughts on the editing experience through this wonderful picture.

Thank God for editors!

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