Friday, March 28, 2014

Another 5 star review for "The Bed Wife"

I have sent out several early copies of "The Bed Wife", hoping to get some feedback from avid readers as well as blogs.

I am especially concerned about a sex scene in the book. I have my moral issues with this, but feel it is important to the story. So I battled the fine line between a 'love making' scene and a 'sex' scene.

Having only sent out the ARC (advanced reader copy) to this person just two days ago, I was not expecting to get a review so quickly. 

However, this afternoon I was greeted with this email (and I must say it made my day!).

"So, I started reading your book during nap time yesterday and stayed up until I finished it last night!!! OMG!!!

Haven't read anything this gripping in a long time. I couldn't put it down. Thank goodness dinner was leftover night, lol.

Didn't think the sex scene was raunchy, I think it was very tasteful and very well written. Let's just say, my husband wants me to read it again tonight, if I would behave the same after reading it, lol (TMI?).

Can't wait for the next book! Now you got me hooked. Love it!!!" ~ V. Turner

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