Friday, March 3, 2017

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3 - Favorite Store

So I'm continuing with the 30-Day blog challenge by telling you about my favorite store.

This is a VERY hard one for me because there are several stores I shop at on a regular basis, but they are for different reasons. I love going to Michael's Craft Store for their crafts. I enjoy hitting up my favorite organic food store for all the various unique items they carry.

However, if I were forced to picked, I'd say TJ Maxx is, by far, my favorite store. Where can you get amazing name brands at such low prices? Really? It's insane!

I also found out we are getting a Home Goods (which is pretty much the TJ Maxx of home d├ęcor) so I'm super excited to see that. It may end up being a favorite as well.

Well, this has been your day three glimpse into the life of Author Suzanna Lynn! Talk to you tomorrow!

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