Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sneak Peak scene from "Red's Tangled Tale"

"Red's Tangled Tale" coming Nov 2016
Enjoy this sneak peak of a scene in the upcoming "Red's Tangled Tale."
*note* this is unedited, so some slight changes may be present in the final book version. 
The wind began to pick up, throwing the hood of my cape back from my face. A few strands of ebony hair came loose from my long braid, swirling in the breeze around my eyes. I reached for the dagger I kept in my boot, making sure it was still secure. I was best with a bow but always kept a knife at the ready.
A howl cut through the night – the wolf was much closer now. The answering chorus was far to the east. He would get no help tonight.

I pulled an arrow from my quiver, fingering the red feathers of the fletching while I held my breath in anticipation. My heart raced, pounding so fiercely I could feel it in my ears. I strained to listen against the wind, hoping for a warning to signal the wolf was close.
From behind me I heard a snap; so soft and subtle it could have been a pinecone falling from a tree – but it wasn’t. The wolf’s growl started low in its chest, rumbling through the cold night. It had circled around, most likely catching my scent when the wind picked up.
The wolves were getting smarter, making it much harder to sneak up unnoticed. With my back in the hollow of the tree, I did not have a good vantage point to aim at the beast. The circumstances were less than ideal.

He was just behind the tree. I was certain he didn’t know exactly where I was, otherwise I would be dead. His long snout sniffing the air in an effort to find me. I was suddenly thankful for the shelter of the large dead pine. I shifted slightly, bringing my feet under me in order to leap if the need arise. I drew back on the arrow; there would be no time to aim given the close proximity.

I sat bolt upright as the wolf let out a blood chilling howl – the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. His comrades answered, still far to the east, but this time there was an urgency in their reply, as though to say “We’re coming.”

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