Thursday, June 13, 2019

Finally, a vacation!

Six years. It has been six years since our family has taken a real vacation. You see, we used to take one every year with my in-laws. We would go camping and fishing for a week, and love every moment of it. But they passed away five years ago. So it's been six years since we have ventured out as a family to enjoy not doing the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, working 8 grueling hours and driving an hour home in five o'clock traffic. We needed this.

The trip has already started out a bit sad, as our oldest (who is seventeen) got a job and couldn't take the time off of work (though she didn't seem too broken up about not having to sit in the back with her siblings for the eleven hour trip). But we were determined to still have a good time.

So off to Texas we go!

It helps that we have so much family in Texas. It has made the stay much more enjoyable (as well as cheaper!). That's more money to spend on fun things, like the Zoo, and Sea World, and of course, our beach hotel!

More updates to come as our adventure continues.

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