Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Queen of His Heart" by Suzanna Lynn - coming soon!

This story came about last summer. I fell in love with it quickly, but had trouble completing it because of being torn over how much sex, violence and down right insanity lay between it's pages. However, the time has come and the story is almost done.

Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek of "Queen of His Heart" by Suzanna Lynn. Coming 2017

(c) copyright Suzanna Lynn 2016

The hot water warmed my skin, creating soft pillows of steam that rolled into the air. The bottom of the tub pooled red as my blood wash away with the water. My blood, I thought. Not just mine. His blood. His. Ours. Our blood. It was a lethal concoction that created an aphrodisiac between us.
 I tore open the tiny package of complimentary soap the hotel provided. It smelled of honeysuckle and claimed to be moisturizing. I didn’t care. I just wanted to feel normal again. To wash away to acts of violence I had taken part in only hours before. I smiled as I thought of what we had accomplished. It was vile. The body count outrageous. But I had reveled in it. In his smile; his pride as he watched me extinguish the lives of the men.
This isn’t me, I thought; battling this new version of me. Yes, it is, and you love it.
At one time I was known as Doctor Samantha Daniels. I was trained, not only as one of the best on the Bedworth PD but also took years of medical school so I can pick apart the brains of the mentally insane and get to the root of the crime problem in Bedworth.
But that felt like a million years behind me. That part of my life was over.
I’d given up a life as Dr. Samantha Daniel’s and embraced my new persona; Haley Carver – thief – murderer – sociopath. I relished in it. And it was all so I could be at the side of my love – the notorious Dominic Murphy aka Re Delle Carte, the King of Cards. He was the baddest of the bad and I had become his Queen.

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