Thursday, February 6, 2014


This is me!
I guess I should tell everyone a little bit about myself.

My name is Suzanna (though everyone calls me Suzanne; funny how changing one letter can make a name feel so formal) and I grew up in a little town of less than a thousand people.

I come from a very talented family, most have gifts in art, music and writing.

So why did I start "Cat on the Lap"?

Ever since I was young, I have written poems, song lyrics and even short stories; many of which I won awards with.  I love to write, but do not think I'm truly qualified to call myself an author just let (here's hoping).

A while back I began writing a sci-fi thriller story that was slowly, but surely, beginning to pan out.

Then out of nowhere, another story presented itself to me.  Within three days I had taken my idea from thought to a 15,000 word novelette!

I am currently in the process of fine tuning it and plan to self-publish using Amazon's wonderful resources.

Am I going to become rich and famous?  Probably not.  However, if there is even one person out there that reads my story and gets enjoyment from it, I have succeeded.

Where did "Cat on the Lap" come from?

Well, to be very plain, every great think I have ever written took place while one of my cats laid asleep in my lap.  My current muse is an orange tabby named "Donut" (don't judge me - my daughter named him).

Are you a crazy cat lady?

No, I just have two cats and apparently I have a warm lap.

Why do I want to be an author?

To me, writing brings dreams to life, and that is highly therapeutic to me. I am allowed to go into a world that has none of the problems of this world; where good defeats evil, where the guy always gets the girl and where happily ever after can happen.

I hope you will follow me; it would be wonderful if you left a comment below so I knew I wasn't just out here writing to no one!

Talk to you soon!

~ Suzanne

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