Sunday, June 16, 2019

Bucket List and Beluga Whales!

 As I have said, this was our first vacation in six years, so I was determined to make it a memorable one!

Sea World has options if you're willing to pay. Including a meet and greet with the beluga whales!

I adorable beluga's. They are seriously my favorite whale. So when I found out we could do this, I was ecstatic!

We were allowed to go behind the scenes and talk with the trainers. They explained a lot of things about the whale (like the babies are actually grey and don't turn white until they are about five years old).

This beautiful girl was adorable and would sing and blow 'raspberries' for you.

The water was extremely cold, as these are artic whales. It was rather refreshing given that it was so darn hot and humid in San Antonio!

I cried a little when I finally got to love on her (she blew a raspberry for me!).

It was father's day too, so the hubs got an unforgettable gift (that we just all happened to get to share. To two kiddos were without words (which seriously, never happens) and just sat in awe as they loved on the old girl.

The other whales were a bit jealous that they weren't getting attention, and squeaked like crazy through the whole encounter. But it was music to my ears.

Obviously, we saw much more than just the beluga whales. We were fortunate enough to catch both the Orca show, and the seal/otter show. It was almost more fun watching my kids react to the excitement, as it was watching the shows!

More updates to come as the trip continues!

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