Saturday, March 4, 2017

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4 - Best Friend

I'm on day four of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Today's challenge is "Your favorite photograph of your best friend."

I suppose if I were in middle or high school I would know exactly who my best friend is, but sadly, narrowing it down to one person is impossible. Truly. My sister is my best friend. My husband is my best friend. My dog is my best friend... so on.

So instead, I will scatter a few photos in here and tell you about them :)

My daughter with my friend and editor Hollie!

My wonderful friends Nancy and Chanda

The beautiful Nikki!

Love this guy! Jamie :)

Hanging with my girls Catherine and Erin

Tonya always has a great smile for me!
Hanging with my daughter and Christina!

My first best friend, my sister April!
Doris, my daughter and Susan... the perfect day on the town!

The adorable Alicia! Love her!


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