Sunday, March 16, 2014

New 5 Star Review: The Bed Wife

"This was a definite FIVE star read for me.
The way Suzanna Lynn draws you in to a world of fantasy is terrific and not easily done. I will admit when I first started reading I was not 100% sure because the genre of fantasy had never appealed to me and I haven't read it. But by the end of the first chapter my mind had been changed.
The gentle but sure build up with Baylin and Luana was beautiful and inspiring and you could not help but root for them and keep turning the pages and hoping. There were times I was frustrated because I am that "instant gratification" persona, but you won't be sorry you took a chance on this new author and "The Bed Wife". 
The plot never lagged and the pages weren't filled with fluff; it was true grit and awe-inspiring writing.
She is definitely an awesome author. She writes like a seasoned author but not so formal and stiff that she makes a reader feel like they have to read between the lines! Great job! Bravo Ms. Lynn."
~ Leigh Ann Lunsford

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