Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First Review of Book #1 in The Bed Wife Chronicles!

A few days ago I had sent book number one in The Bed Wife Chronicles to my Beta Reader Tara Huffman.  After spending some time with the book, she sent back this wonderful review!

The Bed Wife by Suzanna Lynn (4.5 out of 5 stars)

At first glance, this reads as a mid-evil/historical fiction. However there is also a slight fantasy twist that brings a whole new element to the plot.

We start off getting to know the land and the kingdom of Wintervale with great descriptions of the castle and the kingdom as a whole. The world set up is very well done and it is easy to visualize this terrain as Ms. Smith took her time in illustrating the layout.

Luana is our female main character and is portrayed as a strong willed, self-sufficient young woman. Her family is well known not only for the goats that they herd but also for her father’s drunken ways.

Prince Baylin, our male lead, is a depicted as a kind hearted man who puts his kingdom before himself. His title as next in line for the throne does not seem to weigh down this character’s charm and his personality makes him easy to swoon over. It would be easy for him to come off as an arrogant ass however he is just the opposite.

Throughout the first few chapters, we are given glimpses into the past and how Luana and Baylin first met as children. The connection and bond that they shared was strong, however frowned upon by the castle.

Years pass before Luana and Baylin meet up again and even though they each remember the friendship that they had as children, there is a definite riff between the two. As time goes on and certain things are put forth, they are once again forced together under some unusual circumstances.

Communication does not seem to play well into their involuntary relationship, however being forced to spend time with one another does make old feelings resurface and also creates new emotions.

We are given a few supporting characters that are both good and bad. They each play a very important role in both Luana and Baylin’s life as a couple and as individuals.

The plot is new and refreshing, especially amongst the trend of billionaires and BDSM reads. It is easy to get lost within these pages and I found myself truly enraptured with this story that holds a slight modern twist on the typical fairytale. And even though this is a quick read, we are not left with little to hold on to. There is more than enough action and mystery to keep you on the edge and wanting more.

~ Tara Huffman

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