Saturday, February 8, 2014

Working on The Bed Wife

Though I have been working on a couple of different story plots, my most prominent and soonest to be released is going to be the novelette "The Bed Wife".

I am currently 15,000 words into it and have it pretty much down (complete with cliffhanger ending to get you all excited for book two!).

I still have a lot to get organized; I still need to write a back story to a great battle that happened before the book takes place, but then all the writing should be complete.

Then it's off to get it edited.

My biggest goal is getting an amazing cover art designed for it.

The book, which takes place in a time long before our current time, makes me feel like the cover art needs to be just that, art.  I feel like a hand drawn cover will give it that feel of picking up a book long forgotten about. 

I am currently talking to someone out of Greece (*cross your fingers*) that has the most amazing talent for drawing.

If she decided to take on the task of bringing my lead character's to life (which I know she is totally capable of doing), the reader will see exactly who I envisioned as I wrote this story.

So here is hoping that this pans out, because I would love to have this artist bring Baylin and Luana to life!

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