Monday, February 10, 2014

Shameless photo manipulation

Yep, that's me, taking a few moments of off time to shamelessly do a photo manipulation of Richard Armitage as Baylin from The Bed Wife.

Truth be told, I was inspired by Richard's portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit movies so much, in my mind he sort of took on the role of Baylin.

Now, in The Hobbit, Thorin is a dwarf who stands a mere five feet or so high, while in real life Richard Armitage is 6'2".  I would like to think Baylin is a combination of the two.

Baylin is described as being very tall 6'6" man with a strong muscular build.  He has long flowing black hair with a well trimmed beard.

Additionally I took parts of their personalities to really make the character Baylin come alive.  While Thorin is a rough, war hardened character who has a loving heart for his men however, he (and the story itself) lacks the romantic aspects that Baylin has. 

While I have not had (and most likely never will have) the pleasure and honor of meeting Richard Armitage in person, he appears (in interviews and such) to be a kindhearted guy who could indeed be a romantic and strive to earn the affections of the one he loves.

Of course this is just all imaginary, I don't know him after all; but I do know Baylin.

That being said, here is my shameless photo manipulation, enjoy!

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